Monday, February 14, 2011

To Love, or Not to Love?

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I'm so sorry for not posting more often. Last week, I was trying to reading 24/7 which left no time for blogging. Yes, I still plan to to PWTWs and my other amazing posts (HA!)
Lately, I've been thinking of my WIP. It's the same one I was working on two or so weeks ago. I haven't really found any SNIs to make me cheat on my precious WIP. (*knocks on wood*) Since it's Valentine's Day, (the day of love) I decided to share my love related drama. There is none. I am a romance writer. The only consistencies n my writing is that it's fiction and it's romance. Not this book! Not even a peck! Okay. I think I might do ONE kiss. (I was hoping to use it in the sequel though...) There is no major romance. This story is thriller/ mystery, I guess. The book is an introduction to my main characters and my group of "misfit toys." It's hard to explain. Bottom line. No romance.
Turn off or on???
What do you think? I don't want to add romance just to add romance. That seems pointless. So am i doing the right thing?


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