Friday, December 31, 2010

Cloud 11

Mood: Definatley a happy Fan girl
OMFG! So Hexbound was at my local Boarders! Do you know how happy I was????? Probably not. I was on cloud 11. Yes 11! Anyways I'm going to watch She's the Man! Just here to wish you guys a happy new year! See you next year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Small Thank You

I don't know who will read this. Maybe you'll be someone I know. Maybe you'll be someone I've never met. Maybe you'll be that person I passed by at the grocery store yesterday. I don't know. I just wanted you to know you are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different. Especially yourself. Don't let anyone make you question your value. You're important. You don't know how much it means to me to find out someone spent the time to read my posts. And for that I thank you. You are wonderful.


No True Train of Thought

Mood: goodish
Im currently watching Pride and Prejudice (yes you may swoon at the thought of Mr. Darcy.) I absolutely LOVE this movie. This is like my 500th time watching it. Okay maybe not 500th, but still. So I have Prom and Prejudice sitting on my chair just BEGGING to be read. I'm waiting to read it. I have a HUGE pile of books to read still. Mainly from the library, so those must be read first. Actually I have to pick up five more books today, and sadly return Pride and Prejudice. (You may boo.) This post has no true train of thought. It's just me talking randomly. Hope everyone is excited for the new year. :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolutions and Playlists

Mood: Pumped
I decided today I'm going to FINISH a novel. That's my 2011 New Year's resolution. I know I always talk about how I have all these new ideas (which sometimes over take my entire brain.) This coming year I decided no matter what I'm going to finish this novel. It could be crap. It could be pure genius (most likely crap.) No matter what I want to finish a story. And I know exactly what story to write. I would say what it is about, but I don't wanna ruin it. Hopefully by this time next year I will at least start editing. That's the hope. Wish me luck.
BTW if anyone has some good pumping music I can add to my playlist that would be great.
So far I have:
*I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett
*It's My Life by Bon Jovi
*Remember the Name by Fort Minor
*Riot by Three Days Grace
*Not Afraid by Eminem
*In The End by Linkin Park
Please don't hate on my music taste. All of these songs get me pumped, so if you have any suggestions please comment.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Movie Review (Wild Child)

Mood: hyper
I'm currently listening to my step sister play the Phantom of the Opera. Kinda depressing though. Never mind she decided to wave a lighter in the air while playing. LMFAO! Anyways I'm gonna give my short review for the second movie I rented. The second movie was Wild Child.
I only watched it because of Alex Pettyfer. Mainly to see how well he acts (he's in the upcoming movie Beastly which I'm very excited for.) Sadly to say I did not like Wild Child that much. personally I think the boarding school idea is a tad played out. But that wasn't what bugged me. This story had SOOOOO much potential. I hate saying that since EVERYTHING has potential, but this movie especially. I felt if this was written as a novel it everything could have been MUCH more developed. First of all, all the relationships Poppy had were very sudden. I mean that as one minute she hated them the next she loved them. No CLEAR transition. I mean her tone of voice changed, but it was too sudden. No real actions impacting it. Also I wished there were more scenes with Alex Pettyfer in them. Just because. Thirdly, I felt a lot was missing. I saw the deleted scenes afterwords and a lot was clearer.
I did like it though, but I think I would have liked it better if it was a book. I did like certain things, but I only listed my major problems with the movie.
Also for some strange reason I REALLY want to watch the Covenant again. It was really good. It was a good lesson on STRONG paranormal stories. Mhmmmmm I might just watch it again. :D


Movie Guys

Mood: comme ci comme ca
I just watched The Covenant. It was okay. I really liked the plot, but I felt it was a little predictable. BUT I kinda want the sequel. If said sequel exists. I mean have you seen the guys in the movie :D I won't go girlie on you, BUT they are the kinda of guys I'd base my MC's love interest on. Yes they are THAT cute.
Nothing profound for today. I went to the library today. I got two movies (including The Covenant). I'm watching the second movie now. Not so great so far.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Short Review

Mood: happy!
HEY! Do you remember that shiny new idea I was telling you about yesterday??? Well.... IT WOULD NOT SHUT UP TODAY! All day thoughts of this new idea swirled around my head today whispering oh so sweet scenes for this new story. Wow I have an image of the old lady in Snow White with the apple. EAT ME! EAT ME!
The only time the whispers stopped is when I FINALLY picked up a book. Be warned I have not read a book since last Saturday. Normally I finish a book a day (on breaks) and a book a week (during school weeks). So not reading for a week is big. But, it keeps my brain quiet for two hours.
The book I read was Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey. I would post a long review, but I have to read Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough. Review cut short... I LOVED IT! I loved Alyxandra Harvey's other books, but this one was so good. Personally though I think one scene was just completely unnesasarey. I'm a big person on "how is this important to the plot/ charater development." I just couldn't see the importance in this one part. Also I felt the attraction was a little obvious. Not that it wasn't good. I loved the attraction (though I would have loved to see more of Quinn.) Also I read on one of the review for this book that the reader could see a possible book for one of the Drake brother's and a certain hunter. I found the two character's fairly early. I also thought the two characters would be good together. Wow. I sound like I'm typing gibberish. Anyways I'm going to reread Out for Blood real quick the Once a Witch.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kids, Holiday Cheer. and Pride

Mood: pumped
Well mainly from adrenaline. From running. Today was SO much fun. I hung out with my baby cousin most of the day. She is so precious. You should have seen her face when she was opening presents. The food was good (except on my waist band). Weird conversations though. Anyways just here to say I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas! BTW I came up with a new story idea. It's very adventurous which I've never done. Now I'm going to catch the last half of Pride and Prejudice. I missed the proposal :((((


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Mood: tired
Good Morning wonderful readers! What? It's not morning? Well yes I know it's 12:12, BUT I just woke up so it's morning to me. I want to talk about something really important to writers. Dreams. I'm not talking about "I dream to write a book." I mean those crazy dreams that have NO plot, but you don't want to wake up from. I'm not normally a dreamer. I normally fall asleep then wake up 6-12 hours later. But lately I've been dreaming again. Most of the dreams are actually pretty good. Like I should write this good. Last nights dream was psychotic. I was a vampire. I have NEVER had a paranormal dream. NEVER. So this was SOOOOO weird. I actually really liked the dream. Like I laid in bed for a couple extra minutes to plot out the story. I think I will try to write it. Or at least the first chapter in case I get another OH SHINY idea and have to write it. Do you dream? Do you USE your dreams from ideas?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Mood: excited
I'M NOT DEAD! For those of you who might have wondered. I've been really busy. SAY IT AIN'T SO! I know that must come as a shocker since my life is normally pretty boring, but I have been super busy. Like so busy I haven't even started my winter writing :O BUT I was planning one of my stories. The only thing is the meeting is kinda tricky. I kinda wanna do this huge masked ball kind of thing, but it's confusing. So descriptive huh? BUT I also got some new ideas. One of my characters is especially talking to me. Mainly because I can be funny while writing her even though I'm not funny. ANYWAYS, I just finished reading a few of Julie Kagawa's teasers for her upcoming book the Iron Queen. I'm actually really excited to read it. After reading these teaser I got really into the writing spirit, so I decided to start writing. I just wanted to make this quick post before I go.

BTW do you think it's weird to eat ice cream in the winter???? When it' below freezing outside???


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mood: glad I'm done (for the next 2ish weeks)
Yes, I'm talking about finals for those sick minded people (i.e. my "friends"). I finished my final final today. I have no more work for the rest of my break! Since my schedule is free for the next 2ish weeks I'm going to write! Say it ain't so?!?! Yes, I did say I was going to WRITE. I know this must be a strange concept for slackers like me, but yes I plan to actually WRITE something. Actually I plan to type it since my hand it STILL PO'D at me for writing all my notes this week (What can I say? I remember stuff better if I write it down). IDK what story I'll work on. I have three stories I really want to work on. One is the one with the witch named Kendra and her friend Bridgette (I love that name). Another is about a girl named Annabelle Lee. And the last one is about a girl named ____ (I don't have an official nae yet. I'm thinking about Michelle). I love all three ideas. BUT the story about ____ kinda sounds too much like another book. I don't want to seem like a copy-cat or anything. My story is different in ways, but I feel the overall plot is just too similar. maybe I think of another way to spice up the plot with a cup of apple cider. For the record I think I've only had apple cider like once. Well unless you count the time I was at the farmers market, ad the gave you those TEENY TINY cups. They have the best juices BTW. I plan on making this really cool hot cider recipe I found over the break. In case you didn't know I love to cook.
Which brings me to the second thing I wanted to talk about My Top Ten Lists. I know I said before how I was going to do them, but I never did? (Blame my commitment issues). Anyways I'm going to do that again. I don't know the topics yet, but I figure some out so be ready.
Finally I just finished reading Anna and the French Kiss. OMG! I could not put it down. AotFK is a true example of a good book without a major earth shattering plot. You know the plots I'm talking about. The ones where if (insert stupid girl MC) and (insert too good for MC guy) don't (insert earth shattering event like stopping the villain) the world shall crumble at their feet. I really get annoyed how everything is in the hands of some girl. ONE GIRL! I mean sure if you write it right than it can be amazing, but after a could of okay books like that you just want to gorge out your eyes. Sorry if you got a gross mental picture. WOW! I really got off topic. My point is it's an amazing book that I think everyone should give a try. DO NOT LET THE WORDS FRENCH KISS STOP YOU!!!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writing has taken over my life

Mood: bien
flaw; a weakness in a character

I was looking at some old vocabulary and one of my words was Foible. I didn't think about this until last night, but the definition really bugged me. This isn't the exact definition I got, but it's close. My definition said it's a flaw in a character's personality and A WEAKNESS IN OF A CHARACTER! That really REALLY bugged me. Since when is having a character flaw make your character WEAK??? I would rather read/ write about a character that has problems then has this perfect personality. I don't care if it's that they still suck their thumb, as long as it makes them real. Maybe I'm reading too much into the definition, but I got really annoyed after reading this. What about you? Does this annoy you? Do you think a flaw in a character is a weakness??? If anything I think this makes a characters STRONGER!
Also we were watching a movie in one of my classes since we finished that final already (ONE MORE FINAL LEFT!!!), and throughout the movie I kept thinking "wow there are a lot of sub plots, I really hope they develop this better" and "This is confusing if they did this ____ the story would be way more effective" or even "I love this story, but I think I can already predict the ending." Has this ever happened to any of you? BTW yes, I did say the word "subplots" during my thoughts. Is that weird???
Finally I finally came up with a name for a character. Annabelle Lee. Yes, like the title of the Poe poem. If I ever decide to finish this story the name would make a lot more sense.
BTW good luck to all of those who still have finals.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Witches??? Pirates???

Mood: happy
So remember yesterday I was upset because people basically said they hate shy Protags. :( Which was a bummer, BUT I decided to look on the bright side. Since that comment I started thinking about my "loud" characters. Two characters came to mind: Bridgette and Kendra. They both are "loud" characters that somehow meet. It must be fate (or the very control fingers of the author YOURS TRULY) So I decided to continue writing their story. I think it's a little different than others, but still interesting. At least I hope. In case you were wondering Kendra is a witch (hence the title) BTW who is excited for the new Pirates of the Caribbean??? I know I am.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quiet and Shy

Mood: down in the sand
I've basically lost most of my writing self-esteem in a matter of minutes. So I'm reading about how everyone hates reading about a "weak protagonist" one who's "quiet and shy" which is what my favorite characters are. In read no, but in writing? Yeah. I mean they are hard for me to write (mainly becuase I'm not exactly your quiet and shy type). I mean my characters don't stay shy the entire time, but they are for most of the being. They don't REALLY gain a back bone until later. So my self-esteem has been shoot. Since my newest story is about a shy girl. UGH! :(((( Maybe I'll just dapple into my "louder" characters. I mean they are easier to write.... I know I shouldn't let this bug me, but still. I give my all to my characters and stories. I might not write them for long, but I do work hard on making them real. Now I real like no matter how hard I try to make this character real people won't even give it a chance since she's "quiet and shy." Sigh. Yeah depressing.... Sorry for the post overload today. I've had a lot to say....


Word Count???

Mood: tired kinda nervous
So to relieve some finals pressure I've been writing. Good idea right? Well at least it was. So I'm typing away on a new story. I've had this idea banging around in my head for awhile. Today I finally decided to write it. So far loving it. I THINK I have a good start creating a romance between these two characters. I'm about to wrap up the first chapter. Problem is.... I'm only 1,250 words in. I'm not done with the chapter yet. I'll probably add at least another 100 words (I'm hoping for 500, but I'm trying to keep realistic). My worry is tat the chapter is too short. Since I normally only go a chapter into a story before giving up word count isn't usually a problem, but I really like this idea. So I'm trying to write as much for it as possible. But I'm worried this chapter is too short. Of course it's only the first chapter so does that mean it's okay to only be 1,250 words??? I'm just trying to set the mood. But IDK. Any words of wisdom???

Mood: happyish
Sorry for going into post overload lately y'all, but I've had a lot to say. Anyways so I'm writing ths story which I really do love. 'm getting into the character.


Mood: happier (yes I know I'm being mood swingy)
I'm still annoyed about forgetting my idea, but I'm getting over it. Anyways I have like a MILLION ideas screaming to be written. Okay maybe not a MILLION more like six but that's still a lot for one time. All of them want attention. Not easy. So I'm going to write the main idea for each story then spend 15 minutes on each individually. I would spend more time, but finals are tomorrow, and I need to study. So do you think I can write all six of my stories in an hour and a half??? I hope so. BTW I WILL post some music later this week or next. I promise.


Forget it

You know what I hate???? Losing ideas. So i was looking at a few post by blogs I follow, and I came up with this awesome idea. I decided to wait until I finished reading all the post to start writing. BUT THEN I FORGOT THE IDEA! I'm totally blank. I can't remember anything. UGHHHHH


Saturday, December 11, 2010


Mood: Happy :D
I'm finally writing again. I haven't really been writing lately since I've been so busy, but I decided just to type and type. I'm working on an old story idea that I've finally decided to write. I started off with first 395 words. now I'm kinda sorta planning. Before I start planning I decided to tell y'all how I plan a story. I plan a story four different ways. Some stories I only do one of the four others I do all four.
One of the ways is a character chart. I only make these for my MAIN characters. And a few of my secondary characters. I do NOT do this for ALL of my characters. I found this chart online, and I loved it. Here it is:
  • Name:
  • Date & Place of Birth:
  • Physical Description:
  • Parents' Names & Occupations:
  • Other Family Members:
  • Lover:
  • Friends' Names & Occupations:
  • Hobbies/Recreations:
  • Ambitions:
  • Fears/Anxieties/Hangups:
  • Most Painful Setback/Disappointment:
  • Most Instructive/Meaningful Experience:
  • Health/Physical Condition/Distinguishing Marks/Disabilities:
  • Sexual Orientation/Experience/Values:
  • Tastes in food, drink, art, music, literature, decor, clothing:
  • Attitude toward Life:
  • Attitude toward Death:
  • Philosophy of Life (in a phrase):
  • Extras:
I don't always answer all of them. Only the ones that effect the story.
Another thing I do is make a different type of character chart. But this one is for all of my characters. I can't really post it since I do it on excel, but basically I have four columns. One column says name. One says relation. This i where I put down how they know my MC. The next says personality, so I can remember how they are as a character. The final column says physical description. Where I say hair color eye color, etc. I like this method because say I'm in chapter 30 I don't want to go all the way back to the beginning to remember what I named the grandma. I record every character in order of when they are first mentioned.
My third method is pretty basic. I just type the main idea and a few key points I need to remember.
Fourth is probably the easiest (and the most fun). THis is the step I google images for scene ideas and characters. Remember my "Picture's worth a Thousand Words Challenge"? Well it's basically the same thing. I find a picture and write about it then add it to the story. Easy right?
So how do you plan for your stories? BTW if you decided to try one of those methods tell me how they work for you.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Mood: *Sigh*
So earlier I was REALLY depresed. I don't really wanna talk much about it except for the fact that times like that remind me why I want to be a writer. I won't bore you with the details, but I decided to start a new story. Again. I still love my last story, but I can't write it. IDK. It's like I don't know how to write anymore. But this other story? Everything just flows. Which makes NO SENSE! My old story? I have everything planned out. This new story? Barely anything. Just the proluge and some of my characters. I don't even know who my MC will fall for. But in my old story? Everything was planned. I have no idea what ANY of that means. But I decided to give my new idea a chance. Maybe I'll figure it out along the way.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Windows to a Character's Soul

Mood: fine I guess
Doesn't my title sound like some deep, insightful line about writing??? :) Actually I'm not really talking about anything insightful today. Mostly just about something I typically do in my writing.
I have a problem. Like a serious I should be sent to see a professional kind of problem. Well not really. But I think there is defiantly something psychologically wrong with me. OKay maybe not that either. Well to cut to the chase my problem is:

My main character is always:
*a brunette (okay I have a couple of blonds, but mostly brunettes)
*are always short (like a foot shorter than her main love interest)
*are really opinionated (Like the others have shy ones, BUT they always turn out to be opinionated)
*easily hurt (not like if you cuss they'll cry more like if in a fight they aren't like super ninja awesome)

Now I also have the same problem with their main love interest is always:
*tall (like I said above at least a foot taller)
*dark brown hair
*dark eyes
*truly cares about his love interest
*powerful (most politically depending on the "world" I make for them)
*Beyond humanly possible gorgeous (good thing most of them aren't human)
*witty (okay at least I try to make them witty)

For my main characters I'm more lenient. But the guys? They are always like that. I think the only exception is I think I have a blond jock in one of my stories. ONE.
Anyways the point of this post is today I decided to completely change a character.
You know that amazing story I've been talking about? Well I'm changing the guy. He of course followed the check list above. No suprise right? Anyways, I decided I wanted to change my main character's love interest. Okay so he is still:
*dark brown hair
*truly cares about his love interest
*Beyond humanly possible gorgeous

In case you couldn't tell the only thing I changed were the eyes. I decided to change his eyes. Big difference right??? I know it's not that big of a change, but baby steps right??? (BTW in case you haven't already please click on the link on the word "baby steps". This has nothing to do with writing, but it's a good song) Anyways the eyes are what really made me stop and love the character like my MC does.
Okay yes I might have a TINY eyes obsession. I love eyes for some reason. So normally eyes are a major selling point for me. Anyways that's all I have to say. Look below for eye pictures.
BTW I have THREE story ideas currently involving eyes.

<--- This picture I thought so cool! I love it if only I could pull of the look. :(

So this picture I forgot where I found it, BUT I love the pink and purple.--->
This one is so gorgeous.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Trilogy

Mood: happy
You know how yesterday I was talking about my new idea? Well I decided to make a trilogy! I've talked about trilogies before. I am horrible at writing more than one book. I have trouble making more than one book. I love the other book ideas for that series (my favorite is the third book). Just thought you should know.


Monday, December 6, 2010

New Story and Pictures

Mood: kinda happy
So you know how I like to talk about my commitment issues??? Well I'm starting a totally new story some time this week. This is where I start to talk about how I love it and the characters blah blah blah. You've read it all before. It's all true, but IDK something about this story feels different. At first I was worried it sounded too much like this other book, but the more I thought about the more the characters and storyline spook to me. Now if I was a character in a book this is where I'd start typing out an amazing story which will ultimately lead to great happiness. Blah Blah Blah. Too bad this is the real world. Equaling to me writing the first 2,500 words then giving up. I hate to give up. Espically on a story that really does speak to me. So since my finals are coming up (GAH! HELP ME!) I can't really write 24/7, BUT I'm going to TRY to write most of my winter break. How well will it work? IDK. Will I stick to only ONE story? Probably not. But it's worth a try. With this said I do plan on writing until then. Just not like a monkey on crack. I'll probably write throughout the week. But I do need to study.
Anyways other than me rambling about my new story and finals I decided you might like some pretty awesome pictures (look below). So I have to do my homework do laundry then HOPEFULLY I'll have time to read.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chrismas Ideas

Mood: ehhh sleepy *yawn*
Christmas is just around the corner. Fun right? So I was reading on of the blogs I stalk I mean follow :), and it had a link to this awesome website for gifts for other writers. I saw this, and honestly I think the stuff is awesome. Perfect gifts to give a fellow writer. My favorites are the writing journal and the "Writer's black: when the voices in your head stop talking." Love them. So if you need so Christmas stuff for a fellow writer check it out. :)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Impatient

Mood: excited
As I've said before I'm obsessed with the show Life Unexpected. It's really sad that it might not get a third season (I think the viewers this year was too low even though I think this season is better than the last season). Anyways so I didn't get to watch last night's episode (For some reason I don't have the CW on my TV so I have to wait until Saturday to watch it). I really wanna see it though, but I have to wait. Luckily All I have to do is sleep tonight. Then tomorrow finish my homework, write, maybe even watch some TV. Then Friday I have a sleepover with friends (wow that sounds so 2nd grade like). So once I wake up Saturday morning it will be up. :D See easy right? Well not really. I don't know if I wait. Not for yesterday's episode. I think I can wait (it'll be hard, but I think I can manage). No, I don't think I can wait until next week's episode. So Lux is in court talking about how her last foster dad abused (physically and sexually). All I know is once she says her foster dad was her first kiss it jumps to a scene where Baze is trying to kick the last dad's @$$. Weird thing about it is that you can see Eric (Lux's boyfriend) holding her dad back. I mean I get WHY he did, but for some reason I was hoping he would throw a punch in. I mean HELLO he is twice YOUR age (and he's 7 years older than Lux), and he KISSED your girlfriend. IDK I was a tad sad about it. I love a good fight. Still I can't wait for that episode. I've already watch the commercial like 1,000 times on :D Sounds interesting right? Still I really hope they have a third season. It's a great show. Sure some episodes are slow, but it's all together a great family show. It's not often you get to see a family like that on TV. Books? Sure. TV? Not really. I like it. In case you STILL have gone against my advice GO WATCH LIFE UNEXPECTED NOW! Thanks. :)


I'm Shy?

Mood: Getting there
I was PISSED OFF earlier today. I still kinda am, BUT I'm getting calmer. I just wanted to post today a picture (yes I've been in a funny picture craze lately). Also I decided I have MAJOR commitment issues. I can't stick with a story for more than a day. Sure I have stories I've written from about a year, but they have breaks with MONTHS in between. So I was excited about my new story talking place in Portland (I've never been, but I'd love to go. It's on my List of things to do). But now I'm going 360 and working on a different story. Mainly because I know what I want to happen. I know my characters. I know their hopes, fears, stories, everything. I really like the idea. Problem? One of my characters is very shy. IDK if I've shown it much in my blog, but if you know me then you know I'm not exactly the "sit in the corner and hide" kind of person most of the time. My character isn't either, but she's more like "just trying to get by" kinda of girl. So she's kinda hard to get into. Most of my characters are the loud, outgoing type. When I write them I talk like how I talk in my weird, psychotic, messed-up, loud, jumbled mess of a brain. They talk like I would. They have my humor (or lack of). Most of them are me. Except way more interesting, and they do things I don't think I'd ever have the courage to do. Anyways, hopefully, my story will turn out fine. I'm forcing myself to finish at least two more chapters by tomorrow night. BTW a chapter for me is like 2,500 words.
So here's that picture I promised you:
So I know I sound like dying cat. I do. But when I'm singing? I hear myself singing like all of those stars we see on TV.