Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That was Today?

Mood: feeling pretty lazy
It's the first day of February! You know what that means! Oh, you don't? Shame on you! It's the first day of PWTW. Are you excited??? Well you should be! Here's today's picture!
Any ideas yet??? Actually I have multiple scenes planned already. I'd love to see what yo write with this picture.
Now to the good stuff. What? You thought the beautiful picture was it? Nah. I've got more to say. What this post is really about is procrastination. Right now I should be doing laundry instead I'm blogging. Obviously, you can tell which I'd rather do.
Procrastination can be a major problem for me. I'll get it done... someday. As a writer, this isn't something I'm proud of. I mean *blushes* sure I'll catch up with the latest Bones episode instead of my WIP, but my WIP will be there in an hour... right? UGH. Or like right now how I'm watching Mulan (BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER) instead of posting this which the sooner I post this the sooner I can work on my PWTW. See? If I don't manage my time better I'll never get any work done. Then again I don't think there's ever been a better excuse not to write than to watch Shang. Opps did I type that out? Crap! *deletes*
See? I can't even stay focused enough to finish this post! Anyways this was a pretty stupid post, but I just wanted to know how often does procrastination prevent you from getting writing done? I promise to not procrastinate and post more tomorrow.


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