Monday, January 31, 2011

Titles and some good News

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Grrr. My movie isn't playing. But you don't care do you? Guess not. ANYWAYS! I had a short announcement before I give my insightful message of the day. The announcement is *drum roll please* I'm starting up A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (PWTW) Challenge tomorrow. What?!?! You don't know what PWTW is??? Well click on the pretty little link to find out. For those of you who do know what PWTW is than YAY! Personally, I love PWTW. It's a great way for me to FORCE myself to type 1k a day. It might not work for y'all, but I'd love for you to try it ot anyways. Are you excited?
Okay now my topic is on titles. Titles (like covers) are what introduces the reader to your story even before they can get to life pain staking detail (like Product Descriptions and First Chapter). When I'm on Amazon looking for books to read, the only thing I can tell about a book is the cover and title.
I know titles aren't the MOST important thing in writing, but in the marketing world it's pretty darn big. I know that sometimes when a publisher is reading your story (we can dream right?) they decide to change the title. Normally titles aren't very important to me. They hold more as a phrase to tell me "Hey remember me? You know that amazing story about ____ you forgot all about?"
I tend to have stupid one word titles like "the Hunter" or "The Sighted", etc. What about you? What do your titles tend to be like? Any examples?


Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sickness

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Bleh. I've been sick all day. It's actually really kinda funny. I planned to write a post about the sickness all writers get, and here I am sick and a writer. I just find that ironic.
Well incase you were wondering the sickness we writers face is something called Shiny New Ideas, or SNIs. I think almost EVERY author knows how much of a struggle SNIs can be.
I know some people who have the hardest time coming up with ideas on what to write about; I find that beyond confusing. For me, ideas flow out like crazy and at really bad times (like during a math test). Normally, the ideas stick with me for DAYS. The ideas can be completely consuming, so consuming that I forget all about my past ideas. Yesterday I was consumed with my new fantasy book that I forgot all about my fairy story I was working on before.
SNIs and I have a rocky relationship for sure. I love them (it's such a rush thinking of all these new stories), yet it's so complicated. It's complicated because as much as I love them they make me forget about my past love. My past love being my last SNI.
What about you? Are SNIs a constant sickness that's plagued you?


Saturday, January 29, 2011


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I just used Write of Die for the first time! I passed my goal (which was actually pretty low to begin with since I didn't know my typing speed.) It was interesting. I really enjoyed it though. It really got me to push for my goal. The section I write today was the beginning to one of my SNIs that I've been in love with lately. I'm having trouble deciding if I want it to be the beginning or if I want it to go into the beginning. The difference? If it's the beginning than I need to improve the hook. If it's IN the beginning then I need to write a hook. No matter what thought it will one of the first things the reader will read.
This SNI is fantasy. I've never doe fantasy before. When I say fantasy I mean like The Lord of the Rings and unicorns type of fantasy. This is genre is very foreign to me. I don't read fantasy (I've read the Hobbit once but that's it.) My usual genre is paranormal, but this idea was to mind blowing for my to forget.
Fantasy books are normally pretty elaborate. There's a lot of magical scenes to explain which brings me to the topic of this post. Explaining to the reader about you're world.
It's a tough thing to do. You don't want to overwhelm the reader nor do you want to confuse the reader. It's a complicated balance. Normally the first three chapters are spent explaining which is why those typically tend to be the least interesting. So how do you write an explanation without confusing/ overwhelming your reader?
As a writer, I don't think there is an exact way to do this. I hate to say it, but I think it's true. In writing, everything (unless you write non-fiction) is fueled by imagination. Who's to tell you how to explain your world. It's your world anyways. Of course I believe there are less tasteful ways to explain things, but I don't think there is a sure proof way to write the perfect explanation. If there was every writer would use it cause MASS CHAOS AROUND THE WORLD (or at least in the reading realm.)
What do yo think? Is there a way you explain things in your writing? I know this wasn't very helpful or enlightening, but it was all I could think of saying on the topic.


Friday, January 28, 2011


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Even though I'm doing nothing (well I plan to read a book but that's about it) on a Friday night, I am beyond happy. IDK why. I just am. Yesterday I talked about how writing is worth it for me even with all the minor setbacks. Today my post will be short (What? I have a good book to read). Today's post is about something I have a ton of trouble with... Beginnings. *GASP* Yes. I said it. Beginnings. They're pesky little things. Beginnings are the "window" to the rest of the book. It's your readers opportunity to glance into your world you've beautifully created (yes your writing is beautiful. DON'T EVER THINK DIFFERENT). But how do you craft a amazing beginning that will entice all those who have come upon it? When I was in elementary school (okay maybe not THAT young but around then) I was taught to write my beginnings a certain way or I would be able to "hook" the reader. My teachers words not mine. Though looking back "hook" is as good of a word as any, I guess. Anyways, I remember she had a structured list of ways to start.
*Onomatopoeia (However decided to teach 3rd graders to spell let alone SAY onomatopoeia was crazy)
*Conversations (Even though I PREFER not to use them I have seen a lot of authors use them)
*In the Middle of the Action (my personal favorite)
*Describe the setting (which if anything will put your reader to sleep unless you are just amazing and found a good way to write this which I'm sure if you did do this you did it beautifully)
I have a few more to add to the list, but those are the main ones I learned in THIRD GRADE. Of course my hooks have changed since then. Nothing drastic, but still changes. For example, I haven't used an onomatopoeia in YEARS. A few I have learned over the years include:
*Profound words of knowledge (This is really common on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy)
*Introducing a character (This MUST be done correctly which is a post for a different day)
*Circle Starters (I haven't really seen this much in novels as say in short stories. FYI this is where you start off towards the end of the story to get the reader's attention then explain from the beginning)
Those are all I could think of at the moment. I'm sure there are more though. My point is even though there are tons of ways to start I have trouble finding the perfect way to get my reader to say "Wow this is amazing! I must keep reading!" Any thoughts?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Worth It

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HEY! I know. I know. I have't posted in a while. I'm sure you're tired of my excuses (to tell you the true even I'M tired of those excuses.) I've been planning on what to write for a while, but yea *insert excuse*. Lame I know, BUT I plan to change all of this. So far January has been crazy. All I've done is PLAN. Planning is my least favorite/ kinda most enjoyable part of writing. When I plan I imagine all the characters, scenes, witty banter (HA!), and just about everything. Everything is so vivid. Well sorta. It's hard to explain how my mind works. It's kinda like watching a movie without contacts/ glasses. Does that make sense? I hope so. But that's what I do for hours a day. I sit and plan. Problem is I can NEVER find the right words to express the scenes which is why I find writing such a challenge (but it's beyond worth it to get my stories written and told.) I know this all might just sound gibberish to you (SEE?!?! I can never find the right words) or maybe it makes perfect sense, but I do have a point. My point is that even though writing can be such a drain in finding the perfect words to describe the world in my head (I won't even get into SNIs or my fear of rejection) it's beyond worth it. Maybe you feel the same way. I just wanted to say no matter what don't give up. Just write. There is no mountain you can't overcome. Unless you're writing about an ACTUAL mountain that is impossible to cross.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Snyder is a Genius

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Sorry for not posting lately. I've been sick. Meaning drinking my weight in fluids, coughing, taking nasty cherry medicine, sneezing, sleeping, movies, and of course *sneeze* reading. I started to feel better today so HOPEFULLY I'll be fit to write tomorrow. I know what your thinking. Why didn't I write while I was sick? Well my excuse is weak, but it's the only one I have. When I'm sick I can't think straight. Words weren't flowing so I did mindless tasks.
None of that really matters though. So lately I've been reading Maria V. Snyder's Study trilogy. I'm really enjoying it. I just started the third book about ten minutes ago until I realized I had a post I wanted to write. This post is by Snyder's genius.
Last night I finished Magic Study the second book in Snyder's series. Normally I hate second books. Normally all they do is bridge the first *sneeze* book and the third book together. Also most of the book is spent going " Where's _____?" "I love/miss/worry/etc ___". Sure there's some type of plot, but I find second books test the relationship. Test there love for each other. Normally the MC's love interest leaves or becomes distant and mysterious (Patch from Hush, Hush; Edward from Twilight; Dimitri from Vampire Academy; etc). *sneeze* All of these are popular YA fiction. All of there second books fall into what I talked about above.
How does this have to do with Snyder? Her book was different. Sure the main love interest was MIA for the first two-thirds, but it wasn't like EVERY SINGLE PAGE was spent going "I miss him" "I love him". Yelena (the MC) is a strong character. I think he only mentioned her main love interest twice? in the first two- thirds. And I didn't miss him (much). SO much was happening I barely noticed he was missing.
Okay I'm getting a tad spoilery so I'll stop here. The point is Snyder was a genius in making her story LESS about love and MORE about a confident heroine.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting up my NYR again

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I'm sick. I'm feeling better after my nap, but I should probably go to sleep again soon. I'm just not that tired.
Anyways so since I have nothing better to do I'm going to write. I recently read a great article by Stephanie Perkins about how she stays encouraged to write. I decided to try it out. My NYR story needs to be written. I honestly think it's a fun idea. AND I came up with "the meeting." You know when your MC meets "the one." I'm honestly excited, and I really want to start writing.
Maybe later I'll post a teaser of my story.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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When you get a SNI (shiny new idea) does it take over your brain? It does for me. Today, I got a SNI, and I wasn't out. My head was swimming with scenes, conversations, characters, moods, plot twists, etc. Everything was pouring in. I love the idea. I didn't like zoning out of class. I swear I was out most of the class. I was barely paying attention. I might have been talking notes and joining the class conversation, but my head was with a different world. I don't plan on writing it anytime soon (I have to finish my NYR [New Year's Resolution] story) which I WILL finish. The voice isn't exactly crystal clear, but the idea is fresh and fun.
I know I haven't posted lately. So much is going on. I'll try to post more often though.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Read All About It!

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WOW! I feel like I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I miss it. Today's post is a simple more informative post then anything.
For one I'm going to start up A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (PWT) soon. How soon? IDK yet. It might be in February. It might be tomorrow. It depends on my schedule. I think I said something along those lines before the holidays, but everything just got so hectic. If you know what I mean.
Secondly I'm working on my New Year's Resolution. No not the one about lowing my swear rate. The one about finishing a book this year. I decided if I do AT LEAST 1,000 words a week my goal should be set. Do I expect to ONLY write 1,000 words a week? No. BUT I feel that 1,000 words a week is doable. Of course this does not include PTW (unless the 1,000 words fit into my story).
That's all I have for now. I promise I'll get back into my longer blogging posts soon. I'm getting there though. :D