Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Write for Yourself

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Okay so this post has to be short. I basically forgot all about today's post. So here's the picture:Pretty isn't it? Since winter is ending, I only have so many weeks to post this picture.
Okay now for my word of wisdom. Crap. Why can' I be wise??? Well I'll talk about my experiences. Yesterday was the first day of PWTW. It felt weird getting back into the writing game. I wrote 1.5K for my fantasy novel that I really like so when I started this new story everything felt off. Maybe I'll go back and edit it.
The thing that felt most off (offest?) was that I was so worried what someone would think if they read it. *hits head.* Bad Jewels. No thinking depressing thoughts. Wow, that sounds like I'm talking to a baby. Nice.
Basically the reason my writing suck (at least more than usual) was because I was so worried about what others would think which a writer should never do. Write for yourself not the reader. Wow this was a bad post. Sorry. I promise I'll type something better tomorrow.


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