Monday, January 31, 2011

Titles and some good News

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Grrr. My movie isn't playing. But you don't care do you? Guess not. ANYWAYS! I had a short announcement before I give my insightful message of the day. The announcement is *drum roll please* I'm starting up A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (PWTW) Challenge tomorrow. What?!?! You don't know what PWTW is??? Well click on the pretty little link to find out. For those of you who do know what PWTW is than YAY! Personally, I love PWTW. It's a great way for me to FORCE myself to type 1k a day. It might not work for y'all, but I'd love for you to try it ot anyways. Are you excited?
Okay now my topic is on titles. Titles (like covers) are what introduces the reader to your story even before they can get to life pain staking detail (like Product Descriptions and First Chapter). When I'm on Amazon looking for books to read, the only thing I can tell about a book is the cover and title.
I know titles aren't the MOST important thing in writing, but in the marketing world it's pretty darn big. I know that sometimes when a publisher is reading your story (we can dream right?) they decide to change the title. Normally titles aren't very important to me. They hold more as a phrase to tell me "Hey remember me? You know that amazing story about ____ you forgot all about?"
I tend to have stupid one word titles like "the Hunter" or "The Sighted", etc. What about you? What do your titles tend to be like? Any examples?


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