Friday, January 28, 2011


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Even though I'm doing nothing (well I plan to read a book but that's about it) on a Friday night, I am beyond happy. IDK why. I just am. Yesterday I talked about how writing is worth it for me even with all the minor setbacks. Today my post will be short (What? I have a good book to read). Today's post is about something I have a ton of trouble with... Beginnings. *GASP* Yes. I said it. Beginnings. They're pesky little things. Beginnings are the "window" to the rest of the book. It's your readers opportunity to glance into your world you've beautifully created (yes your writing is beautiful. DON'T EVER THINK DIFFERENT). But how do you craft a amazing beginning that will entice all those who have come upon it? When I was in elementary school (okay maybe not THAT young but around then) I was taught to write my beginnings a certain way or I would be able to "hook" the reader. My teachers words not mine. Though looking back "hook" is as good of a word as any, I guess. Anyways, I remember she had a structured list of ways to start.
*Onomatopoeia (However decided to teach 3rd graders to spell let alone SAY onomatopoeia was crazy)
*Conversations (Even though I PREFER not to use them I have seen a lot of authors use them)
*In the Middle of the Action (my personal favorite)
*Describe the setting (which if anything will put your reader to sleep unless you are just amazing and found a good way to write this which I'm sure if you did do this you did it beautifully)
I have a few more to add to the list, but those are the main ones I learned in THIRD GRADE. Of course my hooks have changed since then. Nothing drastic, but still changes. For example, I haven't used an onomatopoeia in YEARS. A few I have learned over the years include:
*Profound words of knowledge (This is really common on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy)
*Introducing a character (This MUST be done correctly which is a post for a different day)
*Circle Starters (I haven't really seen this much in novels as say in short stories. FYI this is where you start off towards the end of the story to get the reader's attention then explain from the beginning)
Those are all I could think of at the moment. I'm sure there are more though. My point is even though there are tons of ways to start I have trouble finding the perfect way to get my reader to say "Wow this is amazing! I must keep reading!" Any thoughts?


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