Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mood: pretty crappy, but whatever
When you get a SNI (shiny new idea) does it take over your brain? It does for me. Today, I got a SNI, and I wasn't out. My head was swimming with scenes, conversations, characters, moods, plot twists, etc. Everything was pouring in. I love the idea. I didn't like zoning out of class. I swear I was out most of the class. I was barely paying attention. I might have been talking notes and joining the class conversation, but my head was with a different world. I don't plan on writing it anytime soon (I have to finish my NYR [New Year's Resolution] story) which I WILL finish. The voice isn't exactly crystal clear, but the idea is fresh and fun.
I know I haven't posted lately. So much is going on. I'll try to post more often though.


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