Monday, January 17, 2011

Snyder is a Genius

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Sorry for not posting lately. I've been sick. Meaning drinking my weight in fluids, coughing, taking nasty cherry medicine, sneezing, sleeping, movies, and of course *sneeze* reading. I started to feel better today so HOPEFULLY I'll be fit to write tomorrow. I know what your thinking. Why didn't I write while I was sick? Well my excuse is weak, but it's the only one I have. When I'm sick I can't think straight. Words weren't flowing so I did mindless tasks.
None of that really matters though. So lately I've been reading Maria V. Snyder's Study trilogy. I'm really enjoying it. I just started the third book about ten minutes ago until I realized I had a post I wanted to write. This post is by Snyder's genius.
Last night I finished Magic Study the second book in Snyder's series. Normally I hate second books. Normally all they do is bridge the first *sneeze* book and the third book together. Also most of the book is spent going " Where's _____?" "I love/miss/worry/etc ___". Sure there's some type of plot, but I find second books test the relationship. Test there love for each other. Normally the MC's love interest leaves or becomes distant and mysterious (Patch from Hush, Hush; Edward from Twilight; Dimitri from Vampire Academy; etc). *sneeze* All of these are popular YA fiction. All of there second books fall into what I talked about above.
How does this have to do with Snyder? Her book was different. Sure the main love interest was MIA for the first two-thirds, but it wasn't like EVERY SINGLE PAGE was spent going "I miss him" "I love him". Yelena (the MC) is a strong character. I think he only mentioned her main love interest twice? in the first two- thirds. And I didn't miss him (much). SO much was happening I barely noticed he was missing.
Okay I'm getting a tad spoilery so I'll stop here. The point is Snyder was a genius in making her story LESS about love and MORE about a confident heroine.


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