Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sickness

Mood: getting there
Bleh. I've been sick all day. It's actually really kinda funny. I planned to write a post about the sickness all writers get, and here I am sick and a writer. I just find that ironic.
Well incase you were wondering the sickness we writers face is something called Shiny New Ideas, or SNIs. I think almost EVERY author knows how much of a struggle SNIs can be.
I know some people who have the hardest time coming up with ideas on what to write about; I find that beyond confusing. For me, ideas flow out like crazy and at really bad times (like during a math test). Normally, the ideas stick with me for DAYS. The ideas can be completely consuming, so consuming that I forget all about my past ideas. Yesterday I was consumed with my new fantasy book that I forgot all about my fairy story I was working on before.
SNIs and I have a rocky relationship for sure. I love them (it's such a rush thinking of all these new stories), yet it's so complicated. It's complicated because as much as I love them they make me forget about my past love. My past love being my last SNI.
What about you? Are SNIs a constant sickness that's plagued you?


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