Monday, October 25, 2010

Blah. Blah. Blah.

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So I was watching the latest Vampire Diaires episode (by the way what did you think of the whole Jenna and the knife scence? Can you so jaw-dropper? Also did anyone else almost shed a tear when Elena was talking to Damen? UGH I LOVE DAMEN! Some people should get to be that darn cute. Also did anyone bug out when they saw Matt and Catherine? I'd never want to play HER in chess.) and I saw the Clockwork Angels commercial. I didn't even KNOW the were giving that out to TV channels. I mean I knew they played it on MTV or something but still AHHHH! I STILL love that commercial.

On a side not has anyone read the Hollow by Jessica Verday? I'm reading it and OMG I'm so freaking bored. The relationship is so BORING! How can she say she's in love after seeing the guy like three times. Also I hate those "Lust at First Sight" stories. I mean thinking "Hey he's cute" is one the acting like a Psycho Obsessed Follow (or as I like to call them POF) is another. I mean come on how many times did she think about going to the bridge just to see him. HELLO?? Some people might think you're a stalker. Just saying. I've never been in love so I guess I don't have much say but come on I know "Only fools fall in love" but why can't we at LEAST change the saying to "Only well written characters fall in love?" Also WTF is up with that old guy? Nikolas? And who's D? I thought he was Caspian at first (still do) but IDK something is defiantly up with him.

OMG! BTW in case anyone cares The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels just came in! I'm so excited. It looks AWESOME! I just LOVE the cover. I have an obsession with eyes so maybe that's why. But isn't it gorgeous?

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