Monday, October 11, 2010

Plans for the Day

I know you must ALL care SOOO much about my plans for the day. Anyways so this morning I was watching Nikita and the Vampire Diaries on the CW. LOVE THOSE SHOWS! Anyways I bet that's so interesting to you. Well anyways I'm making pizza right now. YUM! I know it's early for lunch but hey I'm hungry. It's pepperoni. You know you're jealous. Anyways after I eat all those yummy carbs I'm going to do a writing project. My project is all about writing. Except I'm going to be sneaky about it. I'm going to watch TV to get better at my dialogue skillz. I'm going to google pictures for ideas. Listen to music for ideas etc. Sounds like fun right? basically I'm being a slacker, BUT everything (aside from the pizza and my homework I'll have to do later) has to do with writing. How smart am I? So who wants to join me? Any takers? Well I hope some of y'all do. I'm SOOO excited. I'll try to post later tonight about how my writing day went. MHMMMMM! I can smell the pizza. Until my next post. ;)


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