Monday, October 25, 2010


Mood: confused and frustrated
WTF?! Has anyone read the Hollow by Jessica Verday? IT MAKES ZERO SENSE! She just ended it like "oh I'm bored of writing lets just get it published so I can stop writing." The ending made no sense. The whole "shade" stuff made sense but was stupid. Really? In love with a ghost? And she had no idea? Come on I've smelt fishy that were less fishy. Also were the heck did Crane come from? Also what about Kristen? Is the book about her or not? And what about D?She only mentioned D for like a chapter then was like "oh your not important anymore bye-bye."

UGH! Total waste of 1) print 2) time 3) money. I hate to sound so judgmental about the book but come on it was mostly incoherent rambling. Everything about the book was confusing and just WTF.

Sorry for my mini rant but hey its my blog so I'll probably post a couple of mini rants.


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