Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday 5

Mood: tired, exhausted
I've never done a Friday 5 before so sorry if I do it wrong. So the first 2 I'm writing on my way to school. Joy right?

1. So this morning I was drinking coffee & I suddenly felt SUPER hot. I was wearing long jeans and OMG I was burning up. But anyways so I was in a hurry to get out the door, and the second I get out the door I'm welcomed with a nice cool breeze. :)

2. So in my enjoyment of this wonderful fall breeze I didn't notice this HUGE SCARECROW my neighbors put up for Halloween! Yeah saying I was creeped out is an understatement! HELLO! they are like clowns and sticks! NOT a cool combo.

3. Okay so I got this amazing new nail polish in the mail from Hot Topic :D Anyways so when I bought it, it said that it smelled like Jawbreakers. I'm thinking "That's so awesome! I want it!" So when I got it today first thing I did was smell it. It smelt just like regular nail polish. BOOOO! >:( But then I tried it on. It's now dry and it DOES smell like Jawbreakers. :D So happy.

4. So you guys know how I was SOOOO excited for my new books I got in the mail? Well one of the books (Firespell by Chloe Niell) was MESSED UP! Not the plot or anything (which I really liked. Well the part that was actually IN the book.) my book went from page 120 to 89 then 120 to 153. ANd when I saw it I wa sthinking "Oh it's just a typo." WRONG! Page 120 stopped mid sentence and then 153 was a new PARAGRAPH! It really pissed me off. So now I have a defective book. Oh the joy!

5. Halloween is coming up! I don't think I'm doing anything though. :/ I kinda wanna see what all the little kids are wearing this year. Wow I sound like a creeper. But when I was little everyone was like princess and superheros. But I think a lot of people are going as Lady Gaga. That sound be interesting.

Now I had two other things I was going to put as this wonderful Friday 5, BUT I decided I'll mke a full post for both. Lucky you. So I'm going to go write those.


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