Friday, October 29, 2010


Mood: still tired
SO right this second I'm listening to Airplanes 3.0 by Travis Garland. LOVE HIM! If you haven't heard of him look him up :). Anyways it's a truly beautiful song. I LOVE it.
I actually read a book and this was the song I listened to just becuase it fit perfectly with the story.
So that's the topic of this post. Songs.
Do you ever get story ideas from a song? Or is it just me? The way I think of it as someone out there had a story to tell. They just don't write it like I do. They put it into a song. Which I think takes talent. I can't write music very well. But anyways I got a tad off topic. They are telling their story. About something that is real. Most songs have a true meaning and can touch a person if you pay attention. That's what I like. I love to write story based on songs. What about you?


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