Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Mood: excited
I'M NOT DEAD! For those of you who might have wondered. I've been really busy. SAY IT AIN'T SO! I know that must come as a shocker since my life is normally pretty boring, but I have been super busy. Like so busy I haven't even started my winter writing :O BUT I was planning one of my stories. The only thing is the meeting is kinda tricky. I kinda wanna do this huge masked ball kind of thing, but it's confusing. So descriptive huh? BUT I also got some new ideas. One of my characters is especially talking to me. Mainly because I can be funny while writing her even though I'm not funny. ANYWAYS, I just finished reading a few of Julie Kagawa's teasers for her upcoming book the Iron Queen. I'm actually really excited to read it. After reading these teaser I got really into the writing spirit, so I decided to start writing. I just wanted to make this quick post before I go.

BTW do you think it's weird to eat ice cream in the winter???? When it' below freezing outside???


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