Monday, December 27, 2010

Movie Review (Wild Child)

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I'm currently listening to my step sister play the Phantom of the Opera. Kinda depressing though. Never mind she decided to wave a lighter in the air while playing. LMFAO! Anyways I'm gonna give my short review for the second movie I rented. The second movie was Wild Child.
I only watched it because of Alex Pettyfer. Mainly to see how well he acts (he's in the upcoming movie Beastly which I'm very excited for.) Sadly to say I did not like Wild Child that much. personally I think the boarding school idea is a tad played out. But that wasn't what bugged me. This story had SOOOOO much potential. I hate saying that since EVERYTHING has potential, but this movie especially. I felt if this was written as a novel it everything could have been MUCH more developed. First of all, all the relationships Poppy had were very sudden. I mean that as one minute she hated them the next she loved them. No CLEAR transition. I mean her tone of voice changed, but it was too sudden. No real actions impacting it. Also I wished there were more scenes with Alex Pettyfer in them. Just because. Thirdly, I felt a lot was missing. I saw the deleted scenes afterwords and a lot was clearer.
I did like it though, but I think I would have liked it better if it was a book. I did like certain things, but I only listed my major problems with the movie.
Also for some strange reason I REALLY want to watch the Covenant again. It was really good. It was a good lesson on STRONG paranormal stories. Mhmmmmm I might just watch it again. :D


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