Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Windows to a Character's Soul

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Doesn't my title sound like some deep, insightful line about writing??? :) Actually I'm not really talking about anything insightful today. Mostly just about something I typically do in my writing.
I have a problem. Like a serious I should be sent to see a professional kind of problem. Well not really. But I think there is defiantly something psychologically wrong with me. OKay maybe not that either. Well to cut to the chase my problem is:

My main character is always:
*a brunette (okay I have a couple of blonds, but mostly brunettes)
*are always short (like a foot shorter than her main love interest)
*are really opinionated (Like the others have shy ones, BUT they always turn out to be opinionated)
*easily hurt (not like if you cuss they'll cry more like if in a fight they aren't like super ninja awesome)

Now I also have the same problem with their main love interest is always:
*tall (like I said above at least a foot taller)
*dark brown hair
*dark eyes
*truly cares about his love interest
*powerful (most politically depending on the "world" I make for them)
*Beyond humanly possible gorgeous (good thing most of them aren't human)
*witty (okay at least I try to make them witty)

For my main characters I'm more lenient. But the guys? They are always like that. I think the only exception is I think I have a blond jock in one of my stories. ONE.
Anyways the point of this post is today I decided to completely change a character.
You know that amazing story I've been talking about? Well I'm changing the guy. He of course followed the check list above. No suprise right? Anyways, I decided I wanted to change my main character's love interest. Okay so he is still:
*dark brown hair
*truly cares about his love interest
*Beyond humanly possible gorgeous

In case you couldn't tell the only thing I changed were the eyes. I decided to change his eyes. Big difference right??? I know it's not that big of a change, but baby steps right??? (BTW in case you haven't already please click on the link on the word "baby steps". This has nothing to do with writing, but it's a good song) Anyways the eyes are what really made me stop and love the character like my MC does.
Okay yes I might have a TINY eyes obsession. I love eyes for some reason. So normally eyes are a major selling point for me. Anyways that's all I have to say. Look below for eye pictures.
BTW I have THREE story ideas currently involving eyes.

<--- This picture I thought so cool! I love it if only I could pull of the look. :(

So this picture I forgot where I found it, BUT I love the pink and purple.--->
This one is so gorgeous.

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