Sunday, December 26, 2010

Short Review

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HEY! Do you remember that shiny new idea I was telling you about yesterday??? Well.... IT WOULD NOT SHUT UP TODAY! All day thoughts of this new idea swirled around my head today whispering oh so sweet scenes for this new story. Wow I have an image of the old lady in Snow White with the apple. EAT ME! EAT ME!
The only time the whispers stopped is when I FINALLY picked up a book. Be warned I have not read a book since last Saturday. Normally I finish a book a day (on breaks) and a book a week (during school weeks). So not reading for a week is big. But, it keeps my brain quiet for two hours.
The book I read was Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey. I would post a long review, but I have to read Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough. Review cut short... I LOVED IT! I loved Alyxandra Harvey's other books, but this one was so good. Personally though I think one scene was just completely unnesasarey. I'm a big person on "how is this important to the plot/ charater development." I just couldn't see the importance in this one part. Also I felt the attraction was a little obvious. Not that it wasn't good. I loved the attraction (though I would have loved to see more of Quinn.) Also I read on one of the review for this book that the reader could see a possible book for one of the Drake brother's and a certain hunter. I found the two character's fairly early. I also thought the two characters would be good together. Wow. I sound like I'm typing gibberish. Anyways I'm going to reread Out for Blood real quick the Once a Witch.


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