Sunday, December 12, 2010

Word Count???

Mood: tired kinda nervous
So to relieve some finals pressure I've been writing. Good idea right? Well at least it was. So I'm typing away on a new story. I've had this idea banging around in my head for awhile. Today I finally decided to write it. So far loving it. I THINK I have a good start creating a romance between these two characters. I'm about to wrap up the first chapter. Problem is.... I'm only 1,250 words in. I'm not done with the chapter yet. I'll probably add at least another 100 words (I'm hoping for 500, but I'm trying to keep realistic). My worry is tat the chapter is too short. Since I normally only go a chapter into a story before giving up word count isn't usually a problem, but I really like this idea. So I'm trying to write as much for it as possible. But I'm worried this chapter is too short. Of course it's only the first chapter so does that mean it's okay to only be 1,250 words??? I'm just trying to set the mood. But IDK. Any words of wisdom???


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