Thursday, December 23, 2010


Mood: tired
Good Morning wonderful readers! What? It's not morning? Well yes I know it's 12:12, BUT I just woke up so it's morning to me. I want to talk about something really important to writers. Dreams. I'm not talking about "I dream to write a book." I mean those crazy dreams that have NO plot, but you don't want to wake up from. I'm not normally a dreamer. I normally fall asleep then wake up 6-12 hours later. But lately I've been dreaming again. Most of the dreams are actually pretty good. Like I should write this good. Last nights dream was psychotic. I was a vampire. I have NEVER had a paranormal dream. NEVER. So this was SOOOOO weird. I actually really liked the dream. Like I laid in bed for a couple extra minutes to plot out the story. I think I will try to write it. Or at least the first chapter in case I get another OH SHINY idea and have to write it. Do you dream? Do you USE your dreams from ideas?


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