Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mood: glad I'm done (for the next 2ish weeks)
Yes, I'm talking about finals for those sick minded people (i.e. my "friends"). I finished my final final today. I have no more work for the rest of my break! Since my schedule is free for the next 2ish weeks I'm going to write! Say it ain't so?!?! Yes, I did say I was going to WRITE. I know this must be a strange concept for slackers like me, but yes I plan to actually WRITE something. Actually I plan to type it since my hand it STILL PO'D at me for writing all my notes this week (What can I say? I remember stuff better if I write it down). IDK what story I'll work on. I have three stories I really want to work on. One is the one with the witch named Kendra and her friend Bridgette (I love that name). Another is about a girl named Annabelle Lee. And the last one is about a girl named ____ (I don't have an official nae yet. I'm thinking about Michelle). I love all three ideas. BUT the story about ____ kinda sounds too much like another book. I don't want to seem like a copy-cat or anything. My story is different in ways, but I feel the overall plot is just too similar. maybe I think of another way to spice up the plot with a cup of apple cider. For the record I think I've only had apple cider like once. Well unless you count the time I was at the farmers market, ad the gave you those TEENY TINY cups. They have the best juices BTW. I plan on making this really cool hot cider recipe I found over the break. In case you didn't know I love to cook.
Which brings me to the second thing I wanted to talk about My Top Ten Lists. I know I said before how I was going to do them, but I never did? (Blame my commitment issues). Anyways I'm going to do that again. I don't know the topics yet, but I figure some out so be ready.
Finally I just finished reading Anna and the French Kiss. OMG! I could not put it down. AotFK is a true example of a good book without a major earth shattering plot. You know the plots I'm talking about. The ones where if (insert stupid girl MC) and (insert too good for MC guy) don't (insert earth shattering event like stopping the villain) the world shall crumble at their feet. I really get annoyed how everything is in the hands of some girl. ONE GIRL! I mean sure if you write it right than it can be amazing, but after a could of okay books like that you just want to gorge out your eyes. Sorry if you got a gross mental picture. WOW! I really got off topic. My point is it's an amazing book that I think everyone should give a try. DO NOT LET THE WORDS FRENCH KISS STOP YOU!!!!


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