Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quiet and Shy

Mood: down in the sand
I've basically lost most of my writing self-esteem in a matter of minutes. So I'm reading about how everyone hates reading about a "weak protagonist" one who's "quiet and shy" which is what my favorite characters are. In read no, but in writing? Yeah. I mean they are hard for me to write (mainly becuase I'm not exactly your quiet and shy type). I mean my characters don't stay shy the entire time, but they are for most of the being. They don't REALLY gain a back bone until later. So my self-esteem has been shoot. Since my newest story is about a shy girl. UGH! :(((( Maybe I'll just dapple into my "louder" characters. I mean they are easier to write.... I know I shouldn't let this bug me, but still. I give my all to my characters and stories. I might not write them for long, but I do work hard on making them real. Now I real like no matter how hard I try to make this character real people won't even give it a chance since she's "quiet and shy." Sigh. Yeah depressing.... Sorry for the post overload today. I've had a lot to say....


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