Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writing has taken over my life

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flaw; a weakness in a character

I was looking at some old vocabulary and one of my words was Foible. I didn't think about this until last night, but the definition really bugged me. This isn't the exact definition I got, but it's close. My definition said it's a flaw in a character's personality and A WEAKNESS IN OF A CHARACTER! That really REALLY bugged me. Since when is having a character flaw make your character WEAK??? I would rather read/ write about a character that has problems then has this perfect personality. I don't care if it's that they still suck their thumb, as long as it makes them real. Maybe I'm reading too much into the definition, but I got really annoyed after reading this. What about you? Does this annoy you? Do you think a flaw in a character is a weakness??? If anything I think this makes a characters STRONGER!
Also we were watching a movie in one of my classes since we finished that final already (ONE MORE FINAL LEFT!!!), and throughout the movie I kept thinking "wow there are a lot of sub plots, I really hope they develop this better" and "This is confusing if they did this ____ the story would be way more effective" or even "I love this story, but I think I can already predict the ending." Has this ever happened to any of you? BTW yes, I did say the word "subplots" during my thoughts. Is that weird???
Finally I finally came up with a name for a character. Annabelle Lee. Yes, like the title of the Poe poem. If I ever decide to finish this story the name would make a lot more sense.
BTW good luck to all of those who still have finals.


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