Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 years

Mood: very weird
I am very messed up. In so many ways. So I'm writing the second chapter of a story I started a long time ago but, obviously, never finished. In this chapter there is an intense sword fighting scene between a prince and an assassin. The prince is later going to be my MC love interest. Problem is? He's 25. She's 15. Am I weird that I'm writing this relationship. I mean in American that kind of relationship is illegal. But I love realtionships with a big age difference. No would I date someone who's 10 years old/ younger? No. But still I love writing about them. Is that weird? IDK. But I'm keeping him at 25. Even though that's a tad old. Just a tad ;) So how's everyone else's writing going? Good? Bad? I'd love to know. And does anyone else like to write relationships with huge age differences of is that just me???


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