Friday, November 26, 2010

Trivial Pursuit and Other Random Things

Mood: Getting better
What happens when you put together a room rule of super smart people who've had to much to drink + Trivial Pursuit= Pure Awesomeness :) This is what my Thanksgivings have been like for the past two years. I know yesterday was Thanksgiving, BUT since yesterday was also football day for us today became our official Thanksgiving.
Sadly I missed 3ish hours of my Thanksgiving being sick. Pretty Crappy right? But I woke up just in time for dinner which were all comfort foods. :D
Anyways we are about to play Trivial Pursuit, so I have to keep this short. Since I'm the only one sober (no alcohol for the minor) I get to take the pictures which means I get to have a camera full of pictures of memories no one will remember. :D
So anyways I actually really wanna start writing so I'll post my picture and my 10 things quickly. Crap I also have to edit Day 3's story. So this has to be quick. So here's today's picture:
And today's Tumblr topic is 10 things I can't live without:
1. My books
2. My computer
3. My music
4. My phone (which I can't find anywhere)
5. a can of coke
6. A camera
7. My friends
8. My family
9. My brain
10. All my organs and stuff that keep me going

Yeah! Pretty awesome list right? I just got done with Trivial Pursuit (sorry I forgot to post this earlier.) It was fun even though I suck at it. So yeah. Other than being sick and that I can't find my phone it was a pretty good day.


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