Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo! And Other Random Stuff!

Mood: all over the place
I'm completely unstable right now. My moods have been like a roller coaster. Whch is why this is the best time to write (in my opinion) just because I never kow where my writing will go. I know that sounds weird, but I plan to just type. Nonstop. I'm excited. I'm going to put together a play list (maybe even make a Pandora radio), and wing it.
I think I'm going to do NaNo. Or at least try. I know a ton of blogs are doing so WTH? Might as well try it. Wow by saying WTH made this post sound kinda pissy. I TOLD U I'M UNSTABLE! JK! But I plan on starting my story. :) Who's ready?
Anyways on a side note Wednesday is a Career Fair for my school. I was looking at the list of occupations and NONE of them applied to me. In case you don't know I plan to be a publisher. Wow I feel like I just posted my deepest secret into Vogue. But it is kinda a secret. My parents have no idea I want to be a publisher. They think I'll be a lawyer of something. :/ But yeah none of the jobs are close. I was at least hoping to see a sales person of something but zip.
And finally my last comment. I just finished Brightly Woven! I really like it! Especially North. ;) Just saying. Well of to make my play list.

Btw I have a headache. Just thought you should know. ;)


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