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Top 10: Fictional Crushes

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We all fall for a characters in books, movies, TV shows, etc. It's bound to happen at least once. When I was planning this post I thought I'd have this HUGE list and wouldn't be able to pick ONLY ten crushes. But when it came down to it I realized I'm picky. Like really, really picky. Most of my literary crushes are bad boys with a soft side. But not to soft. Some aren't total bad boys (cough cough #3 & 10 cough cough), but I still love them.

My Top Ten: Fictional Crushes

1. Magnus from the Mortal Instruments. Weird I know, but I absolutely love him. He's funny, charming, sarcastic, there to save the day, and hey who doesn't love a guy who can work some magic. Wow that sounds really wrong. HE"S A WIZARD! In case someone reads this and has to burn their pretty eyes cause they think I mean it in a wring way. I know. I know. Magnus is dating Alec., BUT he did date that vampire in The Clockwork Angel. I totally forgot her name sorry. So yeah maybe I have a chance??? Probably not. :(

2. Adrian from The Vampire Academy. OMFG! I hated him in Frostbite. I have no idea why. Maybe I was just SO in love with Dimitri I totally didn't see Adrian's amazingness. He's a sweet, caring, there when you need him, he'd do anything for you kinda guy. Which I know isn't normally my type, BUT on Adrian he can pull off that sweet, nice guy act and STILL be a pain in the butt sarcastic "got to love you" guy. I mean who doesn't love that. It's really sad that Rose doesn't see that. Well I guess she does, but I think she's gong to pick Dimitri. :( But hey if Adrian is available I wouldn't mind taking him off Rose's hands. :)

3. Jeff from Some Girls Bite. So in the first two books I wasn't really "Team ____" anyone. Which is really odd for me since I always have a main guy I like. But when I read Some Girls Bite I didn't read it in order. I skipped around in the book. The parts I read while skipping around made me LOVE Morgan not so much Ethan, BUT when I read the book from cover the cover I found I actually liked Ethan. I was caught in the middle. It wasn't until the second book I feel for Jeff. He's funny, can take care of himself, and so much more. He really is awesome. AND hello? He's a were. What's not to love?

4. Damon Salatore from The Vampire Diaries (the TV show not the book.) Personally I hated the books. I think they are poorly written but had so much potential. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME VAMPIRE DIARIES FANS! BUT I do love the TV show. In my opinion Stephan bores me. But Damon doesn't. He's interesting, fun, you never know what he'll do, crazy, and OMFG HOT! I mean have you seen the guy??? He's so cute. He's my dream guy. Dark brown hair. Tall. Total bad boy. With a soft side for his girl. Dangerous. You never know what he'll do next. He's like everything. I could go on, but I don't want to bore you. Anyways as you can tell I love Damon. I even based one of my characters off of him *blushes*. YEP! Before I say anything else that would be embarrassing. BTW did any of you see last weeks episode? OMG! The whole "I love you seen" made me wanna cry. When can I find a guy like that??? WANTED: SUPER AWESOME GUY WHO IS LIKE DAMON SALATORE! :D

5. Ethan from Some Girls Bite. As I said earlier I love Jeff. And I still do. Of course. BUT Ethan has found his way into my heart. After Twice Bitten it was unavoidable. Even though he's a jerk I still found room for him. I don't have much to really add about Ethan since he's so had to pin point AND most of what I was going to say was in Jeff's. So yeah I'm kinda blank. SORRY!

6. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Predjudice. Who hasn't had a crush on him??? I've loved him ever since I read about him three years ago. I don't know why I love him I just do. Maybe it had to do with my real life crush at the time. Wow I sound like a elementary kid talking about her first crush. But anyways Mr. Darcy was like the guy I liked in more ways than one. There were TWO similarities. But they both had that "I'm so much better than you" attitude. They both ended up doing something nice for their girls. :) And I always dreamed that we would end up like Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy. Obviously we didn't or this post would be completely different.

7. Jace from The Mortal Instruments. For some reason when I think of well writen fictional crushes I think of Jace. He's perfect. Which is why he is #7 not #1. He's a little too perfect. It's scary. If I was dating him I'd be way to intimidated. I mean he really does sound perfect doesn't he? I love him. Yes. BUT I don't think I'd ever date him if he were real. WAIT! Scratch that. I totally would. He might be too perfect, BUT he is still perfect. What's not to love? OMG so I looked up some of the City of Bones quotes, and my stomach hurts. I totally forgot how funny Jace is. ANOTHER bonus. Sigh is he bad at anything?

8. Alex from Perfect Chemistry. Hello? He's in a gang. Everything about that screams dangerous. I never thought I'd like the book since it was about gangs. I normally stay away from books about major violence. But I saw the Rules of Attraction video, and I loved it. I just had to read the first book in the series and I fell for Alex. I love Carlos too, but he's not Alex. Alex is dangerous, loyal, smart, and an over all awesome guy.

9. Christophe from Strange Angels. OMG! So my heart totally broke after that scene where Dru gets shot and Christophe was like "she never caused me this much agony." *swoon* He's totally protective. Which is so cute. But the whole "I liked you mom" thing is kinda creepy. OMG. So I read somewhere that Lili St Crow is Team Graves not Team Christophe I nearly screamed. She likes him cause hes the underdog or something, but come on how can you NOT love Christophe. No offense but Graves is annoying.

10. Jordan from Two-Way Street. Two- Way Street was one of the first YA books I ever read. I loved it. It was fun and compelling the whole time. I loved reading through Jordan's perspective because it's obvious he loves Courtney. I love Jordan becuase he's normal. He's not a vamp, or a were, or a wizard, or a demon hunter. He's just Jordan. It's always good to have a chill character. Also Jordan is the most like normal teen guys. Which is always a good thing to capture in YA. I feel like I read so much Fantasy I forget about normal books. Jordan brings that.

I SEE THE LIGHT! OMG! I can't believe I finished. SIGH! So much more to do before I can sleep. Hopefully I won't die of exhaustion.


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