Sunday, November 7, 2010


Mood: OMFG!!
I just watched last week's episode of Hellcats, and I think i dropped my jaw. *Beware spoiler* I mean I KNEW her laptop was going to get stolen, and I KNEW Marti and Dan were together/ liked each other, and I KNEW Savannah and Dan wouldn't sleep together but STILL. UGH! I really want to know who stole the laptop. I don't think it was the furniture guy, but I don't know who yet. Anyways my rambling has a point. So this week's Hellcats episode has a MAJOR cliffhanger like most of the CW's episodes. And so I want to talk about cliffhangers. I once read that EVERY hapter should end in a cliffhanger. I try to do that. Sometimes I succeed sometimes I don't. But after watching last week's episode of Hellcats I'm going to try harder on good cliffhangers. Since today is Write Your @$$ Off Day I'm going to use my new cliffhanger motivation. Hopefully I'll be able to write an amazing Cliffhanger. Like that's going to happen. I'm off to write. 4,253 more words to go. YAY! Sigh.

BTW don't you just LOVE the picture. I think everyone loves Wilie E. Coyote. AND the picture fits perfectly with my post.


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