Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mood: UGH!
I was in such a good mood earlier. Everything was going great. I was joking around with a ton of people from school. People were complementing my writing. I was laughing with my brother about turkeys (you had to be there). Everything was going great until now.
Let me start of with my positives. I know my positives must sound lame, but they weren't to me.

The joking with my class was good because I'm new. Even though I already know were I stand here. It felt good to feel excepted. I know lame, but I needed that.

People were actually complementing my writing. I know as a writer this should be nothing, but it meant a lot to me. I have a serious fear of people reading my work. Call it a fear of rejection. I knwo horrible fear. One I need to get over if I ever want to be a writer, but it's still my fear. So today people had to read a story I write and to say the least I was scared ****less, but everyone said they liked it. Lets just say I was beaming.

Then there was the turkeys and my brother. I love my brother to death. I haven't talked to him in a while since I moved. IDK why. We just grew apart for some reason. Just the other day he messaged me and ever since we have been talking like crazy. It felt good to laugh. :D

And now for the bad. I know about a wee ago I posted about how my friend has a blog. Well I asked her about it. She avioded it. It's been this way since I moved. I hate it.
I hate moving. She posted today abouting wanting to move. But I know she doesn't. I know her. I know what it's like to move. What she want is people to notice. But moving isn't the way to get notice. All you get is broken promises and forgotten. :(


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