Sunday, November 14, 2010

You and Me

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My Imaginary Conversation with YOU!

Me: Who is excited for January 4th????
You: What is January 4th?
Me: Well just one of the most anticipated days in history.
You: Your birthday?
Me: Even better. If that is even possible.
You: Give Julie a present day?
Me: Don't I wish. But hey if you want to give me a present that's cool too. I won't complain. ;)
You: Ummmm. What is better than those to AMAZING days?
Me: The release of Hexbound! Duh! Wow. Have you been living under a rock all this time?
You: Maybe.... But still what IS Hexbound? A CD? A movie? Preferably with Johnny Depp. Have you seen him?!?!
Me: Better! It's a book! One of the best books ever for that matter. But sadly there is no Johnny. :(
You: What's it about?
Me: It's this amazing book by Chloe Niell about Repers, vampires who steal your soul. and the good guys.
You: Woah, Julie. Such a great description. -.-
Me: SIGH! I can't give the book justice. Go look it up.
You: FINE! *Opens Internet (which should already be open if you are reading this)*
You: OMFG! That's sounds so awesome!
Me: I know right?!?! But wait you have to read the first book first.
You: What's it called.
Me: Firespell. It's amazing.

*5-6 business days later pus time it takes to read the book*

You: OMFG! That was AMAZING!
Me: I hate to say it but.... I TOLD YOU SO! Wow I feel like a 5 year old. -.-
You: I can't wait to read Hexbound now. :)

Didn't you love our amazing conversation. I bet you did. Anyways the point is Hexbound by Chloe Niell is coming out on January 4th, and it's a must read for the coming year. In case you haven't read the first book GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND READ IT! Just kidding. Well not really. But still you must read it.

Hope to see you all counting down to January 4th. I know I am.

Wow this was a lame post.


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