Saturday, November 27, 2010


Mood: tired but awake
I have a picture I think all writes need to remember:
Click on it if it looks blurry. Even though I think tis picture is metaphoric not litteral, but I read it litteraly. I read it as: Don't make this dream guy that everyone will love just because he's dreamy. Make a character everyone will love for HIM! For what he says through the page. What part of his soul the reader gets to read.
Anyways onther that I wanted to say I'm taking a break from my Picture a Day project to finish my Royal Pains story. I will continue my tumblr challenge though. So here's today's:
Day 7: 10 important people
1. My friends
2. My family
3. The people in my life
4. The people who have left
5. The people who love me
6. The people who hate me
7. Authors for making me love reading/ writing
8. Other bloggers for making me not feel like the only one having trouble wrtting
9. My readers
10. everyone in the world for just breathing


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