Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stuff Needs to be Done

Mood: sleepy
*Yawn* so I just woke up. Remember yesterday I said I hate waking up early? Well this is early. GAH! I was hoping to atleast sleep into 9 a.m. at the least. But no. I know "but why don't you just go back to sleep?" Well my dear reader, I'm one of the people once I walk up I'm up (most of the time). But since today is the day before Thanksgiving AND the first day of my Thanksgiving Break I'm going to be productive. *Gasps from the reader* I know this might come as a surprise, but I'm going to try. So my plans for the day are pretty boring, but they need to get done. So as you might already know I like lists, so here's a list of my things I need/want to get done today (In no particular order):
1. Cooking for Thanksgiving (I'll post pictures of the food and their recipes later in the day or sometime tomorrow)
2. Add to my Day 2 and 3 stories (those are my favorites so far even though they are the hardest to write)
3. Pack for my trip
4. Listen to almost EVERY song on my IPod for ideas (I love using music for ideas)
5. Clean the house
6. Do Laundry
7. Write Day 5 story as well as my Tumblr challenge of the day
8. and finish learning the dance to Starstruck

I'll probably have more things to do, but that's all I can think or for now.


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